My name is Keisha.
I am a bookworm♡
I love quotes!
I love life♡
I am in love with a sailor!
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AS Roma 2-3 Manchester United [Friendly] 26/07/2014
Miralem Pjanić 75’


AS Roma 2-3 Manchester United [Friendly] 26/07/2014

Miralem Pjanić 75’


Burnley 1-3 Chelsea [BPL] 18/08/2014
Andre Schürrle 21’ (Assist: Cesc Fabregas)


Burnley 1-3 Chelsea [BPL] 18/08/2014

Andre Schürrle 21’ (Assist: Cesc Fabregas)

I will not be your “sometimes”.
Six Word Story #2 (via sadgirl1017)

(Source: whispersofstardust)


Augustus Waters offered to write hazel a sequel to her favourite book, and you can’t reply to my text message

This is perfect!

What if you didn’t run? This one time. What if you stayed, and let love overtake you?

"No one will miss me", "I’m better off dead"


When I worked at a non-profit that handled suicide prevention, I had access to the donation records. Each month, a specific man donated 15$ to our organization. It was like clockwork.. same day, same man, he had been doing this for over 4 years. It always seemed odd to me but I never questioned it… until I saw a note attached one month. "For Noah- Dad"

his donation was once his child’s allowance.

I can promise you, they would miss you for the rest of their lives.



More Thoughts on Hebrew Tattoos


(This post consists of more thoughts inspired by the photograph of cultural appropriation that I posted here yesterday.)

When gentiles who have no connection to Jewish culture get Hebrew tattoos, they fail to acknowledge just what an indispensable part of Jewish culture Hebrew letters have…


The Calligraphy Post.

A few days ago I bought a course "Introduction of the Art of Modern Calligraphy" by Molly Jacques, which you should definitely check, and I fell in love with calligraphy.

Now I find this useful infographic with the basics of calligraphy, including tools. In case you want to try your skills you should try to do those exercise. 

In both cases, (the classes from molly and this infographic) they ask you simple tools to begining your training:


In case you’re most an analog vintage retro-old guy, and you prefer to read a real book that stuck your nose in a monitor these are cool option for calligraphy beginners (the last to images):

Here are the last useful links:

In case you’re lazy or calligraphy simple isn’t your thing download the font (used on this post): http://myfonts.us/8eK7dW

The Class of Molly Jacques: http://skl.sh/1bWpr9p

Source of the infographic: us.moo.com

You can know a man by his devils and the way he gives hurts.
Saul Bellow (via creatingaquietmind)
The trend of labeling women “crazy” is part of the culture that socializes women to go along to get along. When women are told over and over again that they’re not allowed to feel the way they feel and that they’re being “unreasonable” or “oversensitive”, they’re conditioned to not trust their own emotions. Their behavior – being assertive, even demanding or standing up for how they feel – becomes an “inconvenience” to men and they’re taught not to give offense and to consider the feelings of others before their own.